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      how to stay sorry ✉

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      not found.

      my other lil bro jamie

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      not found.

      avid mind, cordial body, deep soul

    • 6
      chase the tale....

      Chase The Tale.... Fresh Like The First Day Of School

    • 7
      happiness only real when shared

      *alexander supertramp* travel / summer

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      ask twitter

    • 9

      memento 13 dogs jumping rope

    • 10
      ☮something is better than nothing.☮

      if i were a flower growing wild and free, all i want is for you to be my sweet honey bee.:) ♥

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      not found.


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      not found.

      All pictures are taken and edited by me

    • 15
      café society

      models, gymnastics, some architecture

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      unosni vebsajtovi

      minimum novca

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      not found.


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      the new new york times


    • 19
      eye luv art

      eye luv art Reina Sofia Museum, Madrid. May - September 2011. This exhibition will then travel to Paris, London and New York.

    • 20
      The Terrible Tew.

      The engine to my comprehension is just too complex.

    • 21
      Raising Millers

      The Millers are moving to Palo Alto next year to attend the Knight Fellowship at Stanford. T will be busy reinventing journalism. Leslie will be finding new life paths. George, Oli and Ruby will be...

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    • 23
      Me In My Place ® - beautiful women at home

      Me In My Place ® - beautiful women at home

    • 24
      The Daily Haul

      Found objects of great beauty. Usually gay-oriented NSFW (eclectic taste in men), trying to be 18+ when it matters. In ascending order of appreciation, things that: —catch my eye —make me sigh —make...

    • 23
      That's Hot

      Elegance is not just about the way you dress, Being Elegant is a sum of factors, the way you walk, the way you act and most important, the way that you behave "behind the scenes" Elegance Is a MUST

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      Lets Play!

      lets play! the latest

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      Untitled My blog All of Tumblr Follow on Tumblr RSS feed Random Archive Mobile © 2012–2013 Powered by Tumblr

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      not found.

      I am a Dutch boy and collect pictures of hot guys from the Internet

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