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      jaga: java api for genetic algorithms

      open source api for genetic algorithms and genetic programming in java. includes examples and publications demonstrating various applications of ga and gp in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

    • 2
      machine learning and artificial intelligence trading with lirik

      machine learning and artificial intelligence trading with lirik

    • 3
      genetic algorithms warehouse

      the genetic algorithms warehouse is a place for researchers, programmers and artificial intelligence fanatics to find out everything relating to the field of genetic algorithms.

    • 4
      Artificial Intelligence

      Articles on Artificial Intelligence, and its branches including Machine Learning, AI Search algorithms, knowledge representation, and systems. Artificial Intelligence is a vast area in computer science and this site intends to provide resources right from introduction to advanced level which will be useful for the AI enthusiasts and the students

    • 5
      Clever Algorithms: Nature-Inspired Programming Recipes

      Clever Algorithms: Nature-Inspired Programming Recipes

    • 6

      手習い録 最近の記事 python copy special exercise in japanese バックナンバー

    • 7
      Department of Artificial Intelligence and Algorithms Design - Adam Janiak

      Department of Artificial Intelligence and Algorithms Design

    • 8
      netflap | artificial intelligence enthusiasts

      Artificial intelligence in cooking and health care

    • 9
      LPIS - Identity

      who we are the logic programming and intelligent systems (lpis) group was founded in 1990 and is part of the programming languages and so...

    • 10
      My AI Exploration


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      adventures in programming and machine learning

      Adventures in Programming and Machine Learning

    • 12
      artificial intelligence | computer science & engineering

      UW CSE AI Program ranked 6th best nationally by US News in 2010

    • 13
      gleim/machinesmarts · github

      machinesmarts - devices that learn from users

    • 14
      heinz muehlenbein home page

      Abstracts The JANUS Architecture for a Robot Brain H. Muehlenbein, December 13, 1990 REFLEX internal paper In the evolution of the mammal...

    • 15
      The Genetic Programming Notebook

      Directory for information about Genetic Programming, Artificial Intelligence, Genetic Algorithms, Evolutionary Computation and robotics. Includes conferences, researchers, journals, software, papers

    • 16
      artificial intelligence meetup groups - meetup

      helps groups of people with shared interests plan meetings and form offline clubs in local communities around the world about artificial intelligence

    • 17
      dr. kais dukes

      kais dukes

    • 18

      Propone alcuni esempi di applicativi su particolari aspetti dell'IA (come algoritmi genetici e reti neurali ad apprendimento non supervisionato) da scaricare e provare.

    • 19
      AI workshop

      workshop applications of artificial intelligence to environmental and geospatial sciences

    • 20
      tradingsolutions 3.1 free download. neural network trading and investing tool

      neural network based analysis, trading and investment software

    • 21
      glenn yonemitsu

    • 22

      an adventure in robotics based on the open-source arduino microcontroller and linux (by jim)

    • 23

      jenes, a java library for genetic algorithms and other metaheuristics.

    • 24
      AI4R :: Artificial Intelligence for Ruby


    • 25

      metivity, genetic algorithms

    • 26
      hospedagem de sites com domínio grátis! - uol host

      uol host é altamente qualificado em serviços de hospedagem de sites, registro de domínio, loja virtual, cloud computing, e-mail profissional, entre outros. acesse já!

    • 27
      page redirection

      james mcinerney's personal page

    • 28

      this site revolves around the three main subjects medical artificial intelligence, medical genetics and bioinformatics

    • 29
      about intelligence

      About Intelligence Friday, November 12, 2010

    • 30
      search algorithms

      SEARCH ALGORITHMS Thursday, 3 April 2008

    • 31
      its computer science time

      Its Computer Science Time

    • 32

      artificial intelligence and other non linear tools for financial market traders

    • 33
      Toshihiro Kamishima

      This is Toshihiro Kamishima's homepage. My research interests are recommendation or personalization and techniques of machine learning or data mining are applicable to recommendation, such as fairness-aware data mining, object ranking, supervised clustering.

    • 34
      Code Capsule

      Software and thoughts. A weblog by Emmanuel Goossaert.

    • 35
      Mnemosyne Studio

      Home page for Mnemosyne Studio. A source for articles and source code examples related to artificial intelligence, robotics and robot projects, and the latest news on machine intelligence. Topics include artificial neural networks, genetic algorithms, simulated annealing, k-means, learning vector quantization, Q-learning, A-star and particle swarm optimization. The code examples are written in c++, java, python, visual basic and javascript.

    • 36
      minder bilişim teknolojileri

      minder it solutions, minder bilişim teknolojileri, brainwaves, eeg signals, artificial intelligence, machine learning, bcid, brain computer devices, metu, kosgeb, teknokent, official home page

    • 37
      Lê Ngọc Tấn | Mieux vaut tard que jamais || Better late than never.

      Proverbe Working hard today for a better tomorrow ! Travailler dur d'aujourd'hui pour un meilleur avenir ! Blogroll

    • 38
      The Genetic Programming Notebook

      Directory for information about Genetic Programming, Artificial Intelligence, Genetic Algorithms, Evolutionary Computation and robotics. Includes conferences, researchers, journals, software, papers and more.

    • 39
      realintelligence.net: the leading real intelligence site on the net


    • 40
      The Watchmaker Framework for Evolutionary Computation (evolutionary/genetic algorithms for Java)

      Watchmaker is an extensible, high-performance, multi-threaded, object-oriented framework for implementing platform-independent evolutionary computation (evolutionary/genetic algorithms/programming) in Java.

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  • Consumer-friendly information about human genetics from the National Library of Medicine
  • Counsyl is a medical technology company that gives people access to vital information about their bodies, including DNA analysis for family preparation or inherited cancers.
  • Department of Human Genetics at the University of Utah The Department of Human Genetics is dedicated to studying the genetic control of development and disease.
  • Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man (OMIM) is a comprehensive, authoritative compendium of human genes and genetic phenotypes that is freely available and updated daily. The full-text, referenced overviews in OMIM contain information on all known mendelian disorders and over 12,000 genes. OMIM focuses on the relationship between phenotype and genotype. It is updated daily, and the entries contain copious links to other genetics resources.
'artificial intelligence'
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  • EdX offers free online courses and classes. Find the latest MOOC from the world’s best universities including MIT, Harvard, Berkeley, UT and others. Topics include business, computer science, finance, history, literature, math, science, statistics and more.
  • Discover online classes taught by top instructors and industry experts. Take courses at your own pace.
  • Launched in 2001, KurzweilAI explores the forecasts and insights on accelerating change articulated in Ray Kurzweil’s landmark books — notably The Age of Spiritual Machines and The Singularity Is Near — and updates these books with key breakthroughs in science and technology. The “AI” in KurzweilAI refers to “accelerating intelligence,” a core concept that underlies the exponential growth of the pervasive information-based technologies — both biological and machine — that are radically changing our world.
  • Evie - Electronic Virtual Interactive Entity - Existor's website coming to life - There are no limits. Artificial Intelligence is communication. Natural language is universal.
'machine learning'
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  • The University of Sussex was the first of the new wave of UK universities founded in the 1960s, receiving its Royal Charter in August 1961. From its foundation, Sussex has had an international perspective to its academic activities and its outlook. The University attracts staff and students to its campus from over 120 different countries across the world. Nearly a third of staff come from outside the UK.
  • Since Microsoft Research was established in 1991, it has become one of the largest, fastest-growing, most respected software research organizations in the world. More than 850 Ph.D. researchers push the boundaries of computing in multiple research areas in 13 research labs around the world. Discover what we've delivered to Microsoft and to the world, such as contributions to Kinect for Xbox 360, work to develop an HIV vaccine, and advancing education techniques in rural communities.
  • scikit-learn machine learning in python machine learning in python
  • Ithaca, New York
'evolutionary computation'
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see top sites for this topic
  • get the latest java software and explore how java technology provides a better digital experience.
  • A NET possui combos que incluem TV, Internet, Fixo e Celular. Conheça os produtos e serviços exclusivos! Cliente NET, resolva tudo o que precisa em um só lugar.
  • Java编程,Spring Struts Webwork框架深入,XMLHTTP Ajax开发,Java Web开发,Java企业应用,Java设计模式,Java开源框架,Java应用服务器,Rich Client讨论,Ruby编程,Ruby DSL开发,Ruby on rails实践,JavaScript编程,敏捷软件开发XP TDD,软件配置管理,软件测试,项目管理UML,数据库,C#/.n
  • Big Moose Saloon JavaRanch » Java Forums

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