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      jackie hahn

      Listening for Alien Interactions Pencil and digital, Aug. 2011

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      portada : amor porno by amor muñoz

      amor porno by amor muñoz

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      index - jainsong official site

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      now : cars omegna

      CARS © 2010 MARS © Network Designed By Dario Sbrana

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      Makeup artist & hair stylist - Michele Perry

      Michele Perry is a Freelance Makeup artist & hair stylist for TV/Film, Commercial/Print, Personal clients and Weddings. She excels in Beauty and creative looks.

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      Rex Arrow

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      natalie stopka

      natalie stopka: a new york based book and textile artist specializing in marbled and naturally dyed goods

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      Main : Juan Manuel Moreiras

      Artista visual Artista visual Pinturas Porteños Atormentados Caserío Perdido El circo Tribulaciones Achacados Ensueño Esculturas Casco...

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      main : steven jouwersma

      The Haunted Band - 2011

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      top : maria otter


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      studio lernert & sander

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      acme industries

      leading company in brand aesthetics, branding, lettering, typography, packaging, brochures, logo design, identity, marks, visuals, art direction

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      Bloodwork tattoo

      Markus aka Old Horse tattoos drawings Manxie tattoos drawings Elin tattoos Paul tattoos Info NEWS Merch Appointment Guest Artists Contact...

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      Topcaralluma Usa Product Effect of Caralluma Fimbriata Extract

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      cat finnie illustration & graphic design portfolio

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      私が考える「おねしょ」 | おねしょの原因は、膀胱の未発達と夜間でも尿を生成する脳の成長の未発達です。しかし6,7歳になるまで続く場合は、夜尿症という病気になります。

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      Home : LUCIA MOURE

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      contact : sylvie le charpentier

              Sylvie Le Charpentier Architecte

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      2010 to 2015In 1963 President de Gaulle initiated a grand project, known as 'La Mission Racine', to develop a stretch of French coastline between Montpellier and Perpignan into a series of coastal resorts. Ahead of its time, innovative architects were hired for each town to construct unique and unusual spaces adapted to the local environment. It aimed to turn the area into a holiday destination centered around leisure while offering an alternative source of income locally.At the centre of the plan for one of the towns, Port-Barcares, was a unique and ambitiousplan to permanently ground a retired cruise liner called La Lydia and convert it into anightclub. The project has undoubtedly been an economic success, however, La Mission Racine was not only about enriching the region. It included an 18% quota of social housing to allow more French citizens to take advantage of their ‘congé payé' (paid holidays). There was a real determination to provide an alternative to the expensive Cote d'Azur without the excesses of similar developments further south in Spain.I first visited the area, while living in France, in 2007 and was struck by how different it looked to the picturesque villages often associated with the south of France. From 2010 to 2015, I made regular trips to the seven towns involved documenting how the area looks today, 50 years on. Although some of the original promise has faded and the infrastructure is beginning to show its age, the central values, particularly the idea of offering affordable summer holidays for the average citizen, remain key to how the area is managed. 

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      news :

      Follow me on facebook

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      main : doodle airlines

      José-Luis Olivares Medford, MA joseluis.olivares@gmail.com

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      Main/HOME : L' Officina Del Legno-parchi gioco e arredo urbano

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      - : jolanda

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      drawings : www.jackowska.ch

      www.jackowska.ch welcome! if you are interested in my free work, click on the titles below "drawing series". the starting page shows some...

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      main : Kenny Hurtado

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      primary information

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      : mitch loidolt

      art and illustrations by mitch loidolt

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      My name is Rafael Serra and i'm a Graphic Designer, founded by my mom and my dad, in Europe's west side corner: Portugal. Since my birth, 12 November 1983, i have an umbilical connection and inspiration with my country, which was the first to conquer the blue seas of the World and to spread the portuguese message (Mes<u>sea</u>ge) around the seven continents. This motive brought me to create FAEL, a way to share the messeage with you throughout different areas of my work such as branding, editorial, illustration and typography. Enjoy.

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      Contact : Solomonoff Architecture Studio

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      home : patrick kolb

      Copyright 2008     Images Landscapes Coastal Flora Architectural France Paris Provence Mont St-Michel, France Italy Scotland New Mexico I...

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      wizards and unicorns art of graeme mccormack

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      elena bofill

      Elena Bofill Rougir - L'Autre Magazine Amber waves of grain - Chaos Magazine À venir-Twins - Catalogue Book (AR) Seele - It Fashion Maga...

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      daniel kariko photography

      daniel kariko fine art photography

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      home : e n g a w a

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      Main : GeetikaAlok

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      document sans nom

      mises en actes producteur de gestes, sculpteur de compétences, tailleur de coutumes

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      iamsunju.com :

      / >>>Contact - Mobile : +82 10 8954 8642 - Blog : behappy5513.blog.me/ - Twitter : @Sunju5513

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      Lencería - La Costa del Algodón

      Colección de Lencería, estilo bohemian chic, para el disfrute en casa, vestir por la calle y el making off de las novias . Batas y camisones realizados en cotton voile y estampados exclusivos de la firma.

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