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      American Journal of Botany

      Consists of archived issues, current articles, and collected papers.

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      bsa image collection

      educational images for instructional use collected by the botanical society of america teaching section, covering plant geography, morphology, phloem development, xylem development, floral ontogeny, lichens, economic botany, carnivorous plants, organography, pollen, paleobotany, plant defense mechanisms, plant anatomy, and cellular communication channels.

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      Home | American Society of Plant Taxonomists


    • 4
      american society of plant biologists

      american society of plant biologists - to promote the growth and development of plant biology, to encourage and publish research in plant biology, and to promote the interests and growth of plant scientists in general.

    • 5
      homepage - american botanical council

      homepage of the american botanical council

    • 6
      Botany 2015 - Science and Plants for People

      boise, idaho - july 26 - 30, 2014 the boise centre

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      fostering research and education on the past, present, and future uses of plants by people.

    • 8
      The University of Oklahoma

      Official site with current and prospective student information, academics, faculty, library and research links, athletics, admissions and administration information and contacts.

    • 9

      the botanical society of the british isles is the leading organisation for identification of british and irish plants.

    • 10
      Welcome to APS

      International organization that promotes the study and management of plant diseases through journal and book publications, meetings, and electronic resources for students, teachers and researchers.

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      american fern society

      Information on the biology and cultivation of ferns; activities of the society including a spore exchange and publication of Fiddlehead Forum, American Fern Journal, and Pteridologia.

    • 12

      Botanical Society of America - Leading Plant Scientists and Educators Since 1893, plant science, research, education, outreach

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    • 14
      Venus fly traps - FlyTrapCare.com - Care, feeding & more

      Venus fly trap (or Venus flytrap) growing and care information at FlytrapCare.com! Keep your Venus fly trap alive and eating bugs for many years! Learn lighting, watering, soil, dormancy and other care requirements for Venus fly traps. Learn about Venus flytrap cultivars!

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      botanicus.org - a freely accessible, web-based encyclopedia of historic botanical literature


    • 16

      Plant Physiology Online, Fifth Edition

    • 17
      The Virtual Foliage Home Page!

      This is the page for the University of Wisconsin Madison Department of Botany Instructional Resources Page.

    • 18
      International Carnivorous Plant Society

      The International Carnivorous Plant Society. Publishes Carnivorous Plant Newsletter.

    • 19
      PlantingScience.org :: fostering student research through scientific inquiry and online mentorship

      fostering student research through scientific inquiry and online mentorship

    • 20
      botany & plant biology 2007


    • 21
      missouri botanical garden


    • 22

      botony.com botony

    • 23
      ubc botanical garden and centre for plant research

      The web site of Canada's oldest university botanical garden. Current research themes include conservation, evolution (including molecular systematics), genomics (including the evolution of plant deve

    • 24
      worlwide plant database project

      the aim of this project is to make available botanical data through the internet : description of the species, including pictures, geographical distribution.

    • 25
      botany 2010 - providence, rhode island july 31 - august 4, 2010

      BOTANY 2010 - Providence, Rhode Island July 31 - August 4 Rhode Island Convention Center

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      not found

      Brief articles about plants and their interactions with people.

    • 27
      Tasmanian Plants


    • 28

      A natural history newsletter dedicated to interesting biological topics, including unusual and little-known plants and animals.

    • 29
      botanicalartists.com - botanical art, paintings, watercolors and illustrations

      an art gallery of botanical artists and illustrators with portfolios of their paintings, drawings and artwork. the artworks are for sale or created on commision.

    • 30
      hunt institute for botanical documentation

      hunt institute for botanical documentation promotes the history of botany through its collections, research, exhibitions, publications, and services.

    • 31
      Botany Department - Home

      Describes the department, programs, facilities, and courses.

    • 32
      botanical society of america: home

      Botany 2004 Conference Program Summary

    • 33
      bodd – botanical dermatology database

      An electronic re-incarnation of Botanical Dermatology by John Mitchell and Arthur Rook.

    • 34
      luesther t. mertz library | nybg

      across 250 exquisite acres, the new york botanical garden features 50 gardens and plant collections, a landmark conservatory, and 50 acres of the original forest that once covered new york city. seasonal flower shows, a world-renowned scientific research program, innovative children's gardens, gardening and horticultural classes, and so much more make the new york botanical garden a leader in displaying, studying, and educating the public about the world of plants.

    • 35
      welcome to the new bspp website

      the bspp is a learned society, founded for the study and advancement of plant pathology

    • 36
      US Environmental Protection Agency

      U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

    • 37
      Elsevier Home | Elsevier is a world-leading provider of scientific, technical and medical information products and services

      Elsevier is a world-leading provider of scientific, technical and medical information products and services.

    • 38
      American Horticultural Society

      Improving Life Through Plants and Gardening

    • 39
      journals home

      journals home

    • 40
      University of Wisconsin-Extension

      University of Wisconsin-Extension provides education and resources to students, business owners, farmers, community leaders, youth and families in our state.

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    nepenthes new york
  • carnivorousplants.org


    International Carnivorous Plant Society

    The International Carnivorous Plant Society. Publishes Carnivorous Plant Newsletter.

  • botgard.ucla.edu


    UCLA Mildred E. Mathias Botanical Garden

    Located on the UCLA campus, this garden maintains a large botanical collection,with plant specimens from all over the world, including tropical and subtropical plants.

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    adorned & adored

    adorned & adored blog archive

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    3d studio max 2009/10

    3d studio max 2009/10

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    best carnivorous plants

    the ultimate offer of seeds, plants, hibernacula and turions (winter buds) of carnivorous plants for sale at a good rate in the plant and seed bank.

  • californiacarnivores.com


    Carnivorous plants for sale: California Carnivores: Offering only the highest carnivorous plants for sale since 1989!

    Carnivorous plants for sale at California Carnivores,the largest retail carnivorous plant nursery in North America, home of the worlds largest collection of carnivorous plants. We offer Venus Flytraps (Dionaea), Sundews (Drosera), Dewy Pines (Drosophyllum), Pitcher Plants ( Sarracenia, Nepenthes, Cephalotus, Heliamphora), Cobra Lilies (Darlingtonia), Butterworts (Pinguicula), Rainbow Plants (Byblis), Genlisea and Bladderworts (Utricularia). Owned by Peter D'Amato, author of "The Savage Garden

  • elmcare.com


    Elmcare.com - All about elm trees and elm tree care.

    Devoted to all aspects of elm trees and elm tree care including Dutch elm disease and other diseases, new research and background information on elm trees.

  • news.ncbs.res.in


    The Front Page | NCBS news

    The Front Page Campus Life

  • botany.ubc.ca



    Undergraduate and graduate programs; research partnerships exist with groups studying biodiversity, biotechnology, and genetics.

  • www3.botany.ubc.ca



    The University of British Columbia

  • botany.si.edu


    Department of Botany, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution

    Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

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