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      scott hanselman - coder, blogger, teacher, speaker, author

      scott hanselman is a programmer, teacher, speaker, technologist, podcaster, writer, diversity advocate and more.

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      msdn blogs – get the latest information, insights, announcements, and news from microsoft experts and developers in the msdn blogs.

      get the latest information, insights, announcements, and news from microsoft experts and developers in the msdn blogs.

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      blogs | the asp.net site

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      ruslany blog: iis, php, fastcgi, url rewrite and other interesting stuff

      ruslany blog provides information about iis and all related technologies, such as php, fastcgi, url rewrite, silverlight, asp.net

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      msdn silverlight | microsoft docs

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      mike volodarsky's blog - azure, iis, asp.net, and leansentry

      azure, iis, asp.net, and leansentry

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      myconnection server network assessment testing, network route performance, voip quality testing

      accurately measure connection throughput and quality, analyze network route performance and efficiency, perform network assessment testing, measure connection quality for voip, iptv and video.

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      microsoft student

      microsoft student provides software, deals, tips to get stuff done and other resources needed to succeed in school, work, and life.

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      codeplex archive

      an archive of the codeplex open source hosting site

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      channel 9: videos about the people building microsoft products & services

      channel 9 keeps you up to date with videos from people behind the scenes building products at microsoft.

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      sanuja senanayake - official website

      full of articles and information on applied science & engineering. site also highlight my hobby of building servers.

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      sayed ibrahim hashimi - msbuild, web deploy (msdeploy), asp.net

      sayed ibrahim hashimi - msbuild, web deploy (msdeploy), asp.net

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      allservice-solutii de calitate

      allservice-site dedicat inginerilor service

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      wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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      levi9's microsoft .net blog

      Levi9's Microsoft .NET Blog

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      tips de iis

      Tips de IIS lunes 30 de noviembre de 2009

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      microsoft category - switched

      posts from the @microsoft category at switched

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      microsoft blogs

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      sqlע�빥��,����sqlע�빥��,����sql����,��ϣ����,��ϣ���,��������ϣ��ȫ���,������,��վ��ϣ���,��վ��ȫ���,��ϣ����,��ϣ����,��ϣ��ȫ,��վ��ϣ����,��ϣ��λ,��������ƽ� imb system,���ϵͳ����,���ϵͳ�������,��ط���,������ϣ���,���������,�к���ϣ���,��վ����,��ľ��,����վע��,��ֹľ������,��aspľ��,����վ����,urlת��,url��д,iis����,iis���,רҵ����ǽ,רҵ��վ����ǽ,רҵiis����ǽ,����ע����,���ſռ���,����������,רҵ����ע��,רҵ��������,��ѿռ�,������,����վ,רҵ��վ�ƹ�,����רҵ��վ�ƹ�,�������,�ֻ�,��,��˾,����,�ʾ�,����,��ͨ,����,mp3,����,���,ӳ��,��,qq,�ʼ�,��ȫ,�ڿ�,����,ľ��,ƽ��,����,���,���,��ʊ,����,����,զ��,����,asp,cgi,php,jsp,perl,�칫,ϵͳ,����,����,pc,����,��ƹ,�˲�,�����,����,���,����,��ӱ,����,ӱƭ,����,����,flash,����,����,���,����,��ӡ,����,.cdע��,.phע��,.sgע��,.tvע��,.ccע��,.usע��,.twע��,.hkע��,.euע��,.krע��,.inע��,.mobiע��,.thע��,.jpע��,����ע����,�����ռ���,����������,����רҵ����,����רҵ��վ,������������,����ƽ�����,רҵ����ǽ,iis����ǽ,������ҵ�ʾ�,����רҵ�ʾ�,����35�ʾ�,�����ϰ��ʾ�

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      windows maniax

      windows maniaxはiisやossなどの技術情報を提供します

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      Работаем без Bug-Off |

      <p>Блог системного администратора, который захотел поделится своим опытом.</p>

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      robert shelton's blog

      Robert Shelton's Blog

    • 24
      limilabs | .net components and application development

      we provide .net components (imap, pop3, email, ftp, barcode) and custom .net application development.

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      blog it de giovanni callisaya | blog sobre it microsoft

      blog sobre it microsoft

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      windows vista and windows 7 help

      i’ve published my first photography book: “tony northrup’s dslr book: how to create stunning digital photography.” it covers absolutely e...

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      ideas - o'reilly media

    • 29
      ramon durães

      consultoria e treinamentos em scrum, visual studio, team foundation server, alm, asp.net mvc, arqutietura de software.

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      free microsoft iis downloads

      microsoft iis software free downloads and reviews at winsite. free microsoft iis shareware and freeware.

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      fyxm.net - free software download portal

      free download portal, human moderated shareware and freeware directory with forum. more than 500gb hosted on our servers. fyxm.net - we have everything! ☺

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      百度一下 你就知道

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      无法找到该页 确保浏览器的地址栏中显示的网站地址的拼写和格式正确无误。 如果通过单击链接而到达了该网页,请与网站管理员联系,通知他们该链接的格式不正确。 HTTP 错误 404 - 文件或目录未找到。 Internet 信息服务 (IIS)

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      开心笑话 - 开心快乐每一天|笑话|冷笑话|经典笑话|笑话首脑


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