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      interactive media.virtual environments - cs dept., university of hamburg

      the interactive media.virtual environment group (im.ve) at the university of hamburg was founded in february 2004. it is part of the department of informatics. we work on projects, teach, and learn in the areas of innovative, human-centered human-computer interaction, computer graphics, virtual environment systems and technology, interactive storytelling, and art. most projects are centered around the topic of generating more compelling 'interactive experiences' in virtual and augmented environments. please visit our project pages for an overview of our research.

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      visual method | image, animation, interactive

      we are a creative production studio creating images, animation and interactive platforms. we produce content for clients in advertising, marketing, product design and architecture using a blend of cgi, photography, high-end retouching, compositing, video and film.

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      Welcome to Animation Master

        06 .22. 2004 Saint Seiya cels update ! 05 31. 2004 EBAY AUCTIONS !! check the category 05 .02. 2004 : New categories updated  

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      the bot factory - interactive talking characters - home

      Interactive virtual characters with voice and lip synchronization. Works with any web browser.

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      curako's blog | just another wordpress.com site

      just another wordpress.com site (by rasa)

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      performative environments | how environments act !

      how environments act !

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      digital environments

      digital environments

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      zavatski's imke posts | essays, observations and thoughts related to my new media studies

      essays, observations and thoughts related to my new media studies (by gert)

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      a. buchen's 3d game art portfolio


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      vanerum group companies

      vanerum group homepage

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      digital environments

      Digital Environments

    • 15
      virtual environments

      Virtual Environments

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      anna knos | portfolio

      portfolio work by san diego based artist, anna knos sears

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      page redirection

      Selected Arthur Christmas Animation Reel 720x480 quicktime h.264 : 14meg resume: doc

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      gears -- game environment applying real skills

      gears is serious education delivered through fun games. using video game technologies, it provides 3d multi-player experiences for on-line students. but, gears is more than entertainment: it's a gam

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      Media Cube Digital Environments

      Media Cube Digital Environments

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      thermod ab | start

      tåliga dörrar för tuffa miljöer

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      mark stutz

      mark stutz and associates inc. creates themed environments, interactive experiences, and branded entertainment projects.

    • 24
      Ron Doucet | Animation Director

      ron doucet - animation director

    • 25
      mark stutz — entertaining space design

      entertaining space design

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      werobot.com interactive agent systems and automata

      werobot.com - developing applications in artificial intelligence, autonomous interactive agents, vrml, collaborative learning environments, html, xml and database designs for internet, intranet and the world wide web.

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      Stainless Code

      to implement a new content management system for CBS.com

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      lynne mccormick | web portfolio

      Lynne McCormick Front-end web developer hello!

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      interaction design and development of multi-touch technologies - nicola torpei

      i’m an interaction designer and developer of multi-touch applications for diverse industries. as the winner of an open call issued by the council of florence for the use of spaces within the urban park for innovation my office is hosted in the new technology district of florence.

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      trypton media

      TryptonMedia's Video Feedback Analog Fractography and Reactive Environments

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      forbidden ! you should use the main domain ending in .com you should use the main domain ending in .com

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      the art of jordan buckner

      Pages Tuesday, 6 December 2011

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      breathing life into nature

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      inria grenoble - rhône-alpes - actualités


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      Dieter Vandoren

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