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      ghost town | literary magazine

      literary magazine

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      Literary Festival

      Page 1 of 8 Tuesday, April 17, 2012

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      the literary site, a story and poetry collection compiled by james r. muri

      short stories, poetry, unpublished novels and a place for writers who want to submit their own fine works.

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      phil's literary works

      meta description

    • 5
      rag and bone | short stories and poetry

      short stories and poetry

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      literature: poem

      Literature: Poem 1.) ALL OVER THE WORLD

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      komunikasyon Tuesday, September 7, 2010

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      resources related to typhoon yolanda

    • 9
      one significant moment at a time

      One Significant Moment at a Time

    • 10
      lit pot literary potpourri issue vol iii issue #8

      potpourri of contemporary literary arts and photography

    • 11
      moronic ox literary & cultural journal

      read novel excerpts, short stories, articles, poetry, book reviews, videos, fine arts, current events, editorials by more than fifty authors, artists and musicians

    • 12
      302 found

      the browsing corner -a literary e zine

    • 13
      Bookoaths | book reviews, rock and ball

      book reviews, rock and ball

    • 14
      mid-list press

      mid-list press is a nonprofit, literary small press thatpublishes books of high literary merit and fresh artistic vision by new andemerging writers and by writers excluded from publication for reasons ofprofitablity. among its publishing programs are the annual first seriesawards for writers who have yet to publish a book-length work in any of fourcategories: short fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, and the novel.

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      the post-modern literary and arts journal rearing its head in new orleans. its a baby. submissions are now open for the winter 2012 issue.

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      literary cart

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      StoryZetu | If you have a story, it is yours, but once you tell your story, in whatever form; poetr

      If you have a story, it is yours, but once you tell your story, in whatever form; poetry, short story, interview, song... It is no longer story yako, it is now story yetu. You and me, the world. It w

    • 18
      literary pursuits

      Literary Pursuits Friday, March 16, 2012

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      my literary musings

      My Literary Musings

    • 21
      - gute reisen

      Features original fiction, poetry, and informative articles all with a "distinctively southern perspective".

    • 22
      word works literary site

      Coming Events & Beltway Literary Calendar

    • 23
      Our Own Voice Literary Ezine: Filipinos in the Diaspora

      Contemporary Philippine short stories and poems by new writers.

    • 24
      rambles of the literary equine

      You are viewing literary_equine 's journal

    • 25
      Warren Dixon: Novels, Poetry and other Writings

      Spreading the word among adventurous readers concerning the writings of Warren R. B. Dixon.

    • 26
      sentinel literary quarterly | the magazine of world literature. issn 1756-0349 (print), issn 1753-6499 (online)

      sentinel literary quarterly is the online magazine of world literature and art, publishers of poetry, fiction, plays, essays, reviews, interviews, photography and the visual arts. The magazine also r

    • 27
      word works literary site

      This non-profit literary organization sponsors readings, workshops, and poetry contests, including the annual Washington Prize for a book-length poetry manuscript.

    • 28
      the voice of a trillion men

      the voice of a trillion men is a social network

    • 29
      document moved

      klemen pisk's literary and musical world

    • 30
      usapang kultura

      Usapang Kultura Friday, January 16, 2009

    • 31

      musings Tuesday, October 11, 2011

    • 32
      maharaj krishen raina - the literary works


    • 33
      welcome to main street arts & crafts

    • 34

    • 35
      charles raisch

      charles raisch, author, critic, internet pioneer, software visionary, and award winning editor, webmaster, publisher and poet with clips

    • 36
      skylar hamilton burris: author, poet, essayist, and editor

      writing and editing services for authors and businesses, copyediting of books, pride and prejudice sequels, traditional poetry, ancient paths literary magazine.

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    • 38
      the lyric poetry magazine - traditional poetry

      the lyric is the oldest poetry magazine in north america in continuous publication devoted to traditional poetry. the lyric sponsors the yearly lyric college poetry contest with prizes for students and their schools.


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