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      greek orthodox archdiocese of america

      this award-winning site features information on the greek orthodox archdiocese of america, news and events, his eminence archbishop demetrios, the orthodox christian faith, and more.

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      Home :: Orthodox Christian Information Center

      Articles for and about the Orthodox Church. Intended primarily for the Orthodox, but includes information for Western Christian inquirers. Features section on the dangers of ecumenism.

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      prodigy's personal web pages


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      Internet Christian Library

      Comprehensive archive of classical christian materials: theology, patristics, counseling, preaching, homiletics, leadership, religion, comparative religions, church, Finney, Wilkerson

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      main page , a free-content encyclopedia and information center for orthodox christianity . in this english version, started in november 2...

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      OrthodoxyToday.org | Home

      Features articles examining contemporary social and cultural issues primarily from an Orthodox Christian viewpoint, but also includes articles from authors of other traditions.

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    • 8
      Khristos Voskrese!


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      Byzantine Icons :: A Guide to Byzantine Icons on the Internet - from Constantinople to Macedonia to Russia, and around the world.

      Icons Explained is A Guide to Byzantine Icons, Frescoes and Mosaics on the Internet - From Constantinople to Macedonia to Russia, and around the world. The purpose of the site is to enable the visitor to (re)discover and experience the Beauty and Meaning of Byzantine Icons. Included is a large, comprehensive, illustrated database of images and annotated links to well over 11000 Byzantine* Icons. About four thousand (4000) of these are Medieval Byzantine Icons, while seven thousand (7000) of them are Contemporary Byzantine Icons. However, the site is not merely a collection of images. Key subjects, such as for example the Essential Feature of Icons, Incarnation and Iconoclasm, and Deisis and Iconostasis, are being entered into also. All of the site content together explains why Byzantine Icons are unique, sacred and treasured. (It should hereby understood that all subjects are centered on the life of Our Lord Jesus Christ.) Additional subjects help make the site into a Guide, or Internet Portal, to Byzantine Icons e.g. Common Icon Types, Ancient Byzantine Icons for Sale, Icon Painting Masters and Icon Painting Schools, How to Paint Icons and Frescoes, Guided Icon Tours, and Icon Galleries). (*'Byzantine' meaning Ancient, Medieval and Contemporary icons, frescoes and mosaics hand-painted in the Traditional Eastern Orthodox style.)

    • 10
      Orthodox Church in America

      Official site. Directories of the episcopacy and the parishes, information about Orthodoxy, ministries and organizations, Fellowship of Orthodox Stewards, events, and calendar.

    • 11
      Welcome - Ancient Faith Radio

      Ancient Faith Radio provides high quality 24 hour internet based Orthodox radio as well as podcasts, including music, teaching, interviews, features, convert testimonies, conference recordings, and much more.

    • 12
      In Communion

      An association of Orthodox Christians belonging to different nations and jurisdictions trying to apply the principles of the Gospel to situations of division and conflict.

    • 13
      Iconograms - Orthodox Icons

      Iconograms features Orthodox icons, lives of Saints, hymns of the Eastern Orthodox Church and Ecards for almost any occasion!

    • 14
      Monastic and Liturgical

      Monastic and Liturgical

    • 15

      Logismoi About Me I am a Deacon in the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad, currently in my thirties, a husband and father of three, a graduat...

    • 16

      magnificat meets every need of your spiritual life. a way to more profound love of christ.

    • 17
      holy theotokos of mercy community -- home page

      an overview of our ministry within the holy theotokos of mercy community.

    • 18
      Valahia | Orthodox Words

      Orthodox Words (by Valahia)

    • 19
      st. nilus island skete

      St. Nilus Island Skete

    • 20

      “Without God, man is an empty armor… since fearing in the Lord, I no longer fear the world around me”. (Elder: Justin Parvu of Petru-Voda Monastery)

    • 21
      New Skete - Welcome to New Skete's Monastery Store

      Hereat New Skete we strive for quality in our daily life, work and prayer, and webelieve the products we offer reflect this same level of attent

    • 22
      st. james modesto

      our church continues in the historic tradition under the care of the antiochian patriarchate established by ss. peter and paul.

    • 23
      wordpress.com — get a free blog here

      start a wordpress blog or create a free website in seconds. choose from over 200 free, customizable themes. free support from awesome humans.

    • 24

      Welcome to Bishop Demetri's website

    • 25
      Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople

      ecumenical patriarchate of constantinople

    • 26
      monastic mumblings, a friar's journey

      i am a middle aged widower with 3 kids on a journey to illumination.i am episcopal (anglican), in the catholic tradition. i am a postulant prospective with the brotherhood of st. gregory (an episcopal religious community).i pray, i teach, i blog. i enjoy interaction all across the spectrum of spiritual and political life.

    • 27
      abbey of the monastic way

      Roman Catholic Old Catholic Non-RC High Church Orthodox Anglican/Episcopal Non-Anglican Protestant Buddhist Eclectic Non-Residential Virt...

    • 28

    • 29
      monastic.com: the best search links on the net

      monastic.com: The Best Search Links on the Net

    • 30

    • 31
      the monastic mirror

      The Monastic Mirror

    • 32
      Simply Orthodox ☦

      This is the blog of an Eastern Orthodox Christian girl from Greece. Welcome to my Orthodox Christian corner! :) Here you can find interesting texts and quotes about Orthodoxy. I made this blog because...

    • 33
      important records

      monastic a portland, oregon web shop specializing in drupal cms and custom wordpress themes a portland, oregon web shop specializing in d...

    • 34

    • 35
    • 36
      monastic way ireland tullamore offaly durrow clonmacnoise clonfert maynooth monasteries monastic ireland monks clonmacnois iona high cross

      monastic way clonmacnoic durrow tullamore, offaly, ireland. heritage monastic sites in ireland

    • 37
      ΘΗΣΑΥΡΟΣ ΓΝΩΣΕΩΝ ΚΑΙ ΕΥΣΕΒΕΙΑΣ | Ιστολόγιο πρωτοπρεσβυτέρου Δημητρίου Αθανασίου

      Ιστολόγιο πρωτοπρεσβυτέρου Δημητρίου Αθανασίου

    • 38
      home - Monastic Brotherhood of St. Theodore the Studite

      Christ is Risen! Indeed, He is Risen! St Theodore House, NW Corner, March 2012; copyright Marcao, 2012, used with permission.

    • 39
      Aντίφωνο Επιστημών, Φιλοσοφίας, Τεχνών & Θεολογίας


    • 40
      about gyudmed tantric monastic school :: official website of gyudmed tantric monastic school | gyumed tantric monastic school | home

      Latest News Letter From Our Principal School Curriculum


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